• Top plate of dishwasher table with sink 500x400x250 mm with deepened surface is made from wet polished (scotch brite) stainless steel AISI 304 sheet.

  • All tables are with welding frame. Legs of the table are made from tube 40x40mm of stainless steel.

  • Possible left or right connections for all type of dishwashers.

  • Hard plastic feet of legs is adjustable 50 mm(+25/-25) height.

  • Standard length L=1100-2900 mm, width W=750 mm, height H=850-900 mm.

  • Possible dimensions of sinks: 155x300x110, 200x380x160, 300x240x150, 325x300x200, 330x380x160, 450x400x200, 500x400x250, 500x500x300, 525x420x240, 550x500x240, 600x500x300, 633x510x250, 760x410x240 mm.

  • Possible dimensions of sinks with waste basket: 330x380x160, 450x400x200, 525x420x240, 550x500x240, 633x510x250, 760x410x240 mm.

  • Additionally can be equipped with: